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About BHJ Products Inc.

BHJ Products Incorporated caters to the needs of innovative engine-building professionals and enthusiasts worldwide through our automotive offerings, as well as local and regional industries, contractors and consumers with our fastener distribution business. BHJ Products Inc was founded in 1976 and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA. Businesses and consumers in the United States and around the world rely on BHJ’s automotive products and fastener services for unexcelled quality, performance and reliability.

Our Business Units

BHJ Products, the engine builder tooling business unit has always played an important role for BHJ: the company’s success story began in 1976 with honing plates, a core product from this business unit. The engine builder tooling business includes specialty tooling and precision fixtures for rebuilding, modifying and refining engine blocks, cylinder heads, valvetrain components and rotating assemblies, as well as chassis components. Special product-specific tooling websites include and

BHJ Dynamics torsional vibration dampers business unit emerged from the engine builder tooling unit in 1986. BHJ Dynamics offers state-of-the-art engineering services and production for developing premium high performance and upgraded OE-replacement torsional vibration dampers (commonly called “crankshaft dampers”, or “harmonic dampers”) and related accessories for the automotive and marine aftermarket.

BHJ Bay City Screw & Bolt fastener business unit is a leading supplier of a broad variety of industrial fasteners to the greater San Francisco Bay area and Western United States. Officially incorporated in 1959 and acquired in 2007, BHJ Bay City Screw & Bolt offers a multitude of fastener applications to satisfy the needs of different target groups, including consumers, craftsmen and industrial and construction businesses.

Our Vision

We strive to guide our position as an industry leader with our values as a family-run business. This captures our aspiration of being the best in everything we do and is the basis for what we all stand for as one company. Our vision and our values guide the choices and decisions our employees make every day.

  • Conduct our business in a friendly and socially-responsible manner
  • Provide the personal attention our customers and vendors deserve
  • Deliver the best possible product available
  • Stand behind the quality of both our products and service

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